Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kelsie's Reusable Coffee Cozys

Tired of either not getting a cardboard coffee cozy with your drink or feeling wasteful when you throw it out? Get a reusable fabric coffee cozy for only $6. Email me at starshollowstitching (at) gmail (dot) com.
These are the one-sided color coffee cozys. The star fabric is Christmas fabric but only when you look closely. These are reversible coffee cozys. They have buttons on both sides so that you can use either.
Sweet & Sassy: Pink with white flowes on one side, black and white calligraphy on the other.
A rose by any other name...Cream with mini roses, blue with bigger rose buds
Wilderness: Moose, bear, etc. on one side, brown on the other.
Light my fire: BLack with orange, red and yellow streaks, orange on the other side.
I love the 80s!: Vintage 80s fabric on one side, plain black on the other.
I'd rather be fishing....Fish on one side, black on the other.
Some Like it Hot: Red on one side, Yellow on the other.
Team Spirit: Blueish/Purplish on one side, bright yellow on the other.
Halloween Scene: Orange with black spiderwebs & spiders, Ghoulish scene on the other
I'd rather be texting, Lol: purple flannel with cell phones and texting abbreviations.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Table Runner

I needed a great gift for a Bridal Shower for a dear friend and therefore secluded myself in my sewing room. I came up with this table runner, modified from a pattern in the magazine All People Quilt.
I made a few table runners. This one for the bridal shower, with a christmas fabric on the back so that it is reversible, and then another one for a birthday gift for my mother-in-law (which I can't find the picture for). I used a fusible batting that you can iron the fabric onto, which I liked. It makes it a little bit smoother and you don't have to pin!