Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Lounge Pants

So a very special little boy in our house loves his "fuzzy pants." Basically fleece lounge/pj pants. (Seriously, who wouldn't? He comes by it honestly.) For Christmas I thought it would be nice to make him a pair or two. I found several tutorials on Pintrest that I was really excited for but they basically said take a pair of pants that fits and make a new pattern from them. So I did! 
Freezer paper works great! I was really excited for an afternoon to myself - just me, a cup of cocoa, You've Got Mail, and my sewing machine. I found just enough gray flannel to make one pair, then since I didn't have enough "boy" fleece, I cut up an old snuggie. This was brilliant, I must say. I was able to utilize the sleeves so that I eliminated sewing a hem on the pants. Shazam! I was going to make  the hubs a matching pair but ran out of steam. Here is a pic of the original pants I made the pattern from with the gray flannel pair. I thought I took a pic of both finished pairs but apparently not. 
A little boy was very happy!!