Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Wedding well wishes quilt

My brother married the most wonderful girl last summer! It was a wonderful trip. I was a bridesmaid, Luke was a groomsman, and Jackson was the cutest ring bear you ever saw! He even growled when he reached the front. My grandpa got remarried when I was about 6 or 7 and my brother the groom was the ring bearer. My grandpa told him he needed to practice his bear growl, so we told Jackson the same thing. Haha! 

Anyways, I wanted to make the happy couple a wedding quilt and thought it would be cool to have the guests sign quilt squares. It worked out nicely because we had the wedding in CA where they live now, and a reception in my hometown in MT. A wide range of guests all signed well wishes. I figured since their anniversary was coming up maybe I should start working on it. In my defence, I had a baby recently. And I'm kind of particular when I quilt. I always mull everything around in my head until I have the perfect plan. Then I sketch it out, do some math, lay out fabrics, and get to it. I had trouble deciding how I wanted to design this one. I've changed my mind like a hundred times. I finally decided to just frame the squares in strips of reproduction fabrics. But my math wasn't quite right so after I got two sides done I took the second side off because I realized I didn't have enough fabric. Now the plan is to do a scrappy look. 

Here's the beginning of the blocks. I'm completely in love with this fabric! It's Moda's playtime line with 1930's reproduction prints. I bought a Chloe's Closet jelly roll. 

And here's a cute baby!