Monday, August 31, 2015

New Project: Into the Blue

So I started another quilt. I have had some fabrics in my stash for like 3 years and haven't had the "perfect" project for them. So I decided to go for it. 
Aren't they pretty together? 

I decided to do another disappearing nine patch block. I want to see what it looks like in dark colours and big blocks. I chose to do 6" blocks to make a 17.5" block, which I will then cut into four 8.75" blocks. I cut 6" strips and sewed them navy-blue/green-navy and blue/green-green-blue/green. Then subcut them into 6" strips and sewed those into nine patches. 
Sorry the lighting isn't very good. I think it's funny that the top two navy blocks and bottom two have the exact same pattern. Funny! 

I'm experimenting with ironing my seams flat. I usually do towards the dark side but thought I'd switch it up this time. I figured since the blocks will be going every which way it might be a good idea.