Thursday, August 21, 2014

A quick stitch

I recently decided that Jackson needed some new pillowcases. He has a toddler bed, which doesn't come with pillowcases, and he has been using two of my old ones I made. One is pink with ducks and the other is green with sheep. Somehow he got ahold of a pair of scissors and the edges are cut on the sheep pillow. I decided he needed some boy pillowcases. I found some leftover fabric from his all boy quilt and whipped up a pair of pillowcases.
I found my pattern at as part of the one million pillowcases project. This particular pillowcase is brown with dogs and then a white with dinosaurs as the edge. The second pillowcase was a bit different. I had some leftover fabric from the back of a quilt. It was very wide but had a seam in the middle. Definitely not fitting the 41"x26". It was more like 30" high by 100" wide. Roughly. So I cut it to 26" tall x 82" and just did a hem on the end. The inside seam was already sewn from where I pieced the backing of the quilt.
This picture shows the red godzilla pillowcase and the boy quilt pillowcase. Fun for a quick stitch up!

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