Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Putting together a quilt top (Montana style!)

I learned a long time ago that there is a quick and easy way to sew all your blocks together. 

1) layout all your blocks
2) assign each column a number (1, 2, 3...) and each row a letter (A, B, C...) 
3) Turn the blocks in column 2 over onto column 1 so that the right side edge is where they would be joined. Pin A2 to A1, B2 to B1, etc. 
4) tricky part: put A blocks on top of B blocks on top of C blocks, etc. in order of your rows. 
5) take to your sewing machine and sew the A blocks down the right side. WITHOUT CUTTING THE THREAD, feed in the B blocks after A, then C, etc so that all the blocks are in a long seam in order along the seam between column 1 & 2. 
6) lay the long string of blocks back next to your quilt top and turn over the blocks in column 3 over onto the already stitched blocks, pinning each one. 
Be careful when you do column 3 because inevitably it will get twisted and you will end up clipping one connecting string. 

Once you have them all sewn into rows that are connected along the column seams you can press your seams. If you press one row one way and the next the opposite way it will make your life easier when sewing rows. Pin each row to the next, making sure to match up your seams when you sew. 

I used to belong to a quilting ministry at our old old old church and the other ladies didn't know this method. They would sew one block on at a time, clip threads, iron, and it took forever! I can whip out a top in a few hours using this method. 

Thanks to my old sewing teacher Sarah for teaching me this. Hopefully you all understood! ;)

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  1. How might someone convince his wife that he made a quilt at a summer quilting camp if she doesn't believe him and the said quilt isn't available as proof, say it happens to be in a galaxy far far away?