Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Expanding My Mind...

I'm so excited! I just signed up for a machine quilting class at my local quilt store, Quilters Dream (! It's 4 nights of 3 hours. I know how to do basic machine quilting but would like to be able to do more, especially since I don't have an extra $10-$12 grand laying around for a long arm and frame. Someday, sigh! I called Mr. Stars Hollow and told him it could be my bday present! Funny that one night of class is actually ON my bday. 

Speaking of birthdays and Mr. Stars Hollow, today is his. We will be the same age for a month and then I resume my cougar status 😜. I threw him a surprise party last night and he was totally surprised! I made mango-pineapple salsa from the Frugal Girls, and found a recipe for restaurant style salsa too. Both were delish! We normally have bible study at our house on Tuesday so I had our friends in on it and a coworker distracted him at work til late. I think the 4 year old was the most excited though. Birthdays are epic at that age! 

Hoping to see later....

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