Saturday, September 26, 2015

Quilting Class: Part 1

My first class was Monday. I have to tell you, it was soooo good. I learned so much. We talked about thread and needles for a long time. I had no idea about the differences, especially pertaining to needles. Basically quilting, denim, and embroidery needles are all good. Universal needles have a barbed point. And I had didn't know you shouldn't switch threads mid quilt because a thicker thread could make your blocks just a tiny bit smaller. 

We did work on some straight line quilting, too. Monday we will learn to free motion quilt, which is why I took the class. 

In other news I finished the top to my "Into the Blue" quilt. I used a skinny white border and then a four inch green border. The combination really brightens the quilt up and makes the green pop! 

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